If you’re wondering, this is how to do the Sombra Rialto glitch. We bet you get banned though.

You know how Sombra’s main voice line is ‘Where’s the fun in playing fair’? Well, it’s pretty legit because you can now do some really, really cheesy stuff with her and her translocator.

If you have ever lost a payload map or won it for that matter without an idea how the payload is moving or has suddenly stopped, we have your answer. The Sombra glitch is pretty much game-breaking right now, and unless a good honest player picks Sombra, it will keep happening.

Sombra Rialto glitch

The first glitch was to do with putting her translocator under the payload’s path and then teleporting before it got destroyed. This will put you literally inside the payload, and you cannot be killed unless hit by a DragonStrike. It looks like it is only possible on Rialto, which is at least something.

This is a game breaking glitch that needs to be fixed from Overwatch

However, this Reddit post shows that you can seemingly do a variation of it on any map. This on Hollywood literally has a chair stuck to the payload which is pushing it forward! To do this, it looks like you throw a translocator on the payload, stand near a chair and hope for the best. Though, it is probably right that we don’t really know how to do this.

Will Blizzard fix it?

Of course, but they have pushed out a new patch since the Rialto glitch was found and it is still happening so…

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