The Celestial Fortnite skin is going to be absolutely amazing.

There are some new skins, cosmetics and emotes coming to Fortnite! We mentioned yesterday that along with three new weapons, there would be some new cosmetics coming to the game.

That leak came from XDA and looks to have been backed up by prolific leakers, TwoEpicBuddies. The Twitter account revealed various new skins that should be coming to the game in the next couple of weeks.

Previously, they have been pretty spot on with their leaks, so we can get on board with what they are claiming will be coming.


via TwoEpicBuddies

Easily the best skin is the ‘Celestial’ which looks like a possessed no-skin. It’s not precisely tactical, but it does look amazing.

Radical Heights skins?

via TwoEpicBuddies

Next are two 80s inspired skins which we reckon could just be a dig against one-time Battle Royale ‘rivals’ Radical Heights. Seriously, they look so much like they came from Radical Heights! They come with a pretty cool boombox backbling, so indeed worth buying.

Durr Burger

via TwoEpicBuddies

Finally, there are the two street races, a panda and a sushi-chef which all look pretty cool. However, the big one that I would imagine a lot of people will be getting hold of is the Durr Burger!

Naturally, all of these aren’t confirmed but with how well TwoEpicBuddies and XDA are at finding good leaks. Hopefully, we’ll see all of these added to the game, especially the Celestial and Durr Burger!

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