Fortnite console better than PC? Well, maybe!

There has been a long debate on which Fortnite players are the best, console or PC? In recent weeks, we have seen the likes of Drop_Bodies and NickMercs performing brilliantly in the Summer Skirmish events, with Drop_Bodies taking home the win.

Many, including big name streamers such as Ninja, Dr Lupo, Tfue and Myth all previously claimed that there was something fishy going on because a console player couldn’t do that well. The claims that Drop_Bodies was cheating got so much that he ended up deleting his Twitch account. The consensus is that console is just full of bots, so good players have it more comfortable.

SypherPK Tweet


However, that is until the release of the Solo Showdown LTM statistics that showed more console players were in the top five than PC players. According to streamer SypherPK, 46 of the top 50 overall players were from console.

Of course, there are two ways to take this statistic. The first is those console players are better. However, the second would be that the average console player is horrendous and anyone half-decent can kill them.

It looks like the debate will continue on who is the best until some of them face off against each other on a level playing field.

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