Dr Disrepect destroys Brendan Greene and we love it!

There have been many content creators and Twitch streamers who have become famous for playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. However, one of the most famous – other than Shroud – is Dr Disrespect. He came from a Call of Duty background before disappearing to take a job with Sledgehammer games.

However, when he returned, he took up streaming again. PUBG became one of his favourite games, with him putting in hundreds if not thousands of hours into the game and helping it become even more popular. In spite of how much he has enjoyed playing, the Dr has still been quite vocal about the problems plaguing PUBG.

So, when Brendan Greene, aka PlayerUnknown, did an interview with Wired answering questions from PUBG fans, the Dr destroyed the game developer.

In fact, the most savage part of it all was when Greene explained that he wasn’t very good at his own game, which led to Dr Disrespect exploding.

Dr Disrepect on Brendan Greene

It’s because you’re not a gamer. You’re still living in PACMAN city, look at your shirt. The sleeves are too high, this angle of sleeves never liked it.”

Then once Greene said that players should just sit in bushes, it probably sent the Doc over the edge…

And that’s why the game plays at a pathetic pace. Hey Brendan, did you see the last game I was just in? Did you see that last game? That’s your player base!”

That really is quite brutal, especially since Dr Disrespect, aka Guy Beahm, has been involved in various PUBG events such as the PUGI. Interestingly, Dr Disrepect is still playing PUBG and streaming it over the likes of Fortnite, but once Black Ops 4 is released, that may come to change.

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