The Fortnite Heavy Sniper is OP – at least we reckon it will be!

The Heavy Sniper is coming to Fortnite, and it looks like everyone is both worried and excited. It has been rumoured for several weeks that it was coming to the game, changing everything. Epic Games seems set on stopping building as such a potent tool, and they want to tone it down a bit.

There have been slight nerfs to most buildings, but players are still able to hide behind walls until they run out of materials. However, this is all going to change, with the sniper that will destroy buildings with one hit!

While you might hope that it destroying a wall would mean that it won’t be too overpowered against enemies, you would be wrong. It will do as much as 157 body damage, meaning it could be very well one shot someone.

Potential sniper damage

Epic Heavy Sniper:

  • 150 Body Damage
  • 342 Headshot Damage

Legendary Heavy Sniper:

  • 157 Body Damage
  • 355 Headshot Damage

When will it be released?

It will probably be this week, potentially tomorrow (Tuesday 13th Aug). If not it will be Thursday when the patch is usually pushed out.

Will it be strong?

It looks like to be so. It will have bullet penetration, meaning you can wall-bang people. With it being able to one-shot someone with 150-shield, hiding in a building might well not be the best idea!

What are people saying?

Here are a few responses about the new sniper from big Fortnite players:


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