Svennoss on console players is a pretty interesting listen.

Pro-Fortnite player Svennoss has spoken out on the differences between console and PC players.

Many were surprised after news broke that console players had performed better than PC players in the Fortnite Solo Showdown LTM. When asked during his live stream why he didn’t play in the Solo Showdown to gain entry into the Summer Skirmish event, Svennoss went on a bit of a rant about console vs PC.

His argument was that even the best Fortnite console players would be destroyed in a custom match against PC players. The likes of NickMercs have performed well while playing on PS4, but Svennoss believes even he will struggle.

Svennoss on Console players

“Yes, (NickMercs) has good aim but even will he will get d*ck** on too. Even Nick knows that his building is not his strongest suit and if you can’t build, you’re going to get clapped, simple.”

“Nick’s a nice guy, I like him but those are straight up facts and he is fully aware of that.

With this week’s Summer Skirmish event set to be in a custom lobby, we will get to finally see how console players fair against PC players. Unfortunately, NickMercs won’t be taking part as he is in the shoutcasting seat, to help cover the event live on Twitch.

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