Vivid joins Team Liquid as their newest Fortnite pro player.

Fortnite Summer Skirmish’s most prominent players, Not Vivid, has been snapped up by Team Liquid.

Noah ‘Vivid’ Wright has won more than $200,000 thanks to his incredible performances in Summer Skirmish events, making him a household name. Many now believe that Vivid is one of the best Fortnite players around at the moment.

His performances caught the eye of pro gaming organisation, Team Liquid – who snapped him up to join their ranks. Now known as Liquid Vivid, he will be teaming up with his Summer Skirmish duo’s partner, Liquid Poach. The announcement was confirmed on Vivid’s Twitch account as Team Liquid’s Twitter before a full statement on their website.

Liquid’s Announcement

I have been following Team Liquid for a very long time. I’ve always known that they are a good org, and I’ve never heard anything bad about the way they do things, so I considered them a really good option for myself,” said Vivid on the Team Liquid website.”

I watched Tom, Poach, and Chap a lot and I loved their personalities. When I got into calls with them on Discord, it was so natural to have a conversation, and when we got in games together, the gameplay just flowed really well. That was a huge part because there was a natural chemistry and we felt comfortable together.”

With the pro circuit set to kick off next year and the Fortnite World Cup in early 2019, Vivid might have a considerable part to play in Team Liquid’s future. It will be interesting to see how he gets on in the final Summer Skirmish event this weekend.

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