Ninja reacts to Realm Royale and it is not positive!

Twitch streaming megastars Ninja and Summit1g have both reacted to the ‘controversial’ changes to Realm Royale.

The June 20th update introduced some significant changes; namely to how weapon forging worked and some class fixes.

While some fans – including us – are not overly fussed by the changes, thinking some of them are for the better, both Ninja and Summit have shared their thoughts on the patch.

On June 24th, Ninja took to Twitter to share what he thinks about it all, and we’re sure that the Hi-Rez team aren’t so pleased.

Usually, fan backlash doesn’t have much weight unless a big name gets involved. When it comes to Battle Royale games, they don’t come much more significant than Ninja…

He called for the dev team to focus on fixing over aspects before making substantial wholesale changes.

Streamers React

While Ninja had a much more thoughtful reaction to the changes, Summit – who has been streaming Realm Royale pretty much every day – decided to poke fun at Hi-Rez, sharing a meme from Reddit.

We’re not sure if Hi-Rez will revert the changes, or if fans will come to terms with them. We do know, however, that they will be getting some severe backlash thanks to Ninja and Summit.

We may soon find out how Ninja reacts to Realm Royale soon enough – if they do make any more sweeping changes.

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