So, this is what $5,000 gets you on FIFA 18… pretty much nothing!

Just never buy packs on FIFA. Don’t do it, because we all know that it isn’t worth it at all. One streamer found this out recently, after spending an extortionate amount of money on packs with little return.

Incredibly, or rather stupidly, ‘TheRealPugzilla’ spent a whopping $5,000 on packs. This led him to seriously lose his temper his returns on that investment.

So, what does five grand get you on FIFA? Well, according to ‘TheRealPugzilla’, all you will end up with is a Memphis Depay and a Nabil Fekir and a bit of gamer-rage.

As you can imagine, spending that much and getting that little in return, there was a bit of choice language from him so be prepared for that:

Warning – Explicit

“I’m so sick of f***ing poverty kids getting their f***ing poverty welfare packs, and everyone gets free Suarez, free Neymar, everyone’s got free Ronaldo.

And I’m sitting here with Fekir, and god damn 3,000 games played, wondering where the f*** my luck is? For playing this game religiously every day?”

Blimey! While we can’t argue that his luck is pretty shocking, you have got to question why someone would ever spend $5,000 on a game, let alone a game that will be dead in less than two-months time!

Either way, what $5,000 gets you on FIFA 18 is absolutely nothing, once again proving that you should never buy packs.

Just don’t buy packs.

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