Wondering how to do some cool Fortnite ATK tricks? Well, let this guy take the wheel and show you how it’s done.

There has been so much added to Fortnite thanks to Season 5. We’ve got rifts that portal you into the sky, and we have two new fascinating locations.

On top of that, in those locations, we can find the All-Terrain Kart which has been easily the most fun thing about the new season.

There were fears that we could see them become a seriously strong addition to the game; instead – thanks to them not being so quick and being a little squishy – they are just a lot of fun. You can fill them up with your team-mates, ride around, and mow down people akin to the opening of Jurassic Park 2.

Awesome TricK

[Repost] First successful loop with the new vehicle?! from FortNiteBR


My favourite use for them has been trying to have races and do tricks; which is precisely what one Reddit user has mastered.

His most recent trick? Just pulling off a brilliant full loop! GoobyTheRaccoon managed to build a half-pipe of sorts, allowing him to go entirely upside down and back round, in total style.

We’re hoping that Epic Games does bring back the Playground mode so we can build some incredible trick parks!

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