Shroud’s opinions of COD Blackout are very interesting.

Twitch streamer Shroud has shared his thoughts on Call of Duty’s Blackout mode on PC. While the current beta is only live on PlayStation 4, the PC beta will start at the end of the week, and everyone is excited to see how it plays.

Naturally, games on console and PC always feel slightly different. Different weapons seem to do better with aim assist or with precision aiming on PC. Call of Duty is definitely one of those kinds of games.

However, one thing to take away from the hugely successful Blackout Beta has been the slow time to kill. COD has always felt like you can shred through someone in a matter of seconds. On Blackout though, thanks to armour –  and it being on console only at the moment – it feels much slower.

With that being said, Shroud actually believes that the time to kill will be too fast on the PC version. Speaking on his live stream last night with Lirik, he shared his opinions on how the PC version will play.

TTK too quick on PC?

“I think it needs balancing on PC. I think it will be too quick and too easy to kill someone at that range.

“If it is going to be like the multiplayer on PC, which it probably is, the recoil isn’t too crazy so you could probably just full spray somebody at range. There’s not too much drop so you could just lay them out.”

With the PC Blackout beta starting later this week, it will be interesting to see how it does play compared to the console version. We will hopefully be spending a few hours over the weekend testing things on PC, so will have a full review for you asap.

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