Wondering how to use Fortnite Shopping Cart? We reckon we’ve cracked it.

Over the past few months, we have got some crazy additions to Fortnite, but this might be the most extreme. From Jetpacks to grenades that will propel you miles into the air, there are many ways to get around the map. However, Epic might have just announced a fantastic way to get about, and do it in some serious style.

If you check the news section in the game, you will see that Shopping Carts are going to be released very soon. These are likely to be coming out this Thursday, when the updates are typically released. In fact, there are already shopping carts located at the Race Track, just east of Retail Row. They are lined up in a way that suggests you might be able to race them.

What are they?

Fortnite claims that they will allow you ‘roll solo or with a buddy’. That leads us to believe it will be like a pushcart, with one person pushing while the other can shoot. Think of them as two-man bobsleigh, except with a lot more explosions and death.

How will you use them?

I’m guessing that they will have a certain amount of energy, just like the Jetpacks, so you will need to try and conserve them. With how it reads, they must only be two-man, so if you’re in squads, you’ll need two of them for everyone to be rolling in style.

How rare will they be?

Again, like the Jetpack, it’s likely to be Legendary. Incredibly, it does feel that Jetpacks are quite easy to come by, so hopefully, the Shopping Cart will be too.

When will they be released?

Seems like this Thursday (May 30th). However, there is a chance that it could be delayed if they feel like it needs some fine-tuning.

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