Shroud hinted at a second Call of Duty BlackOut beta today so it must happen.

Could we be getting another Call of Duty: BlackOut beta today? Well, if we are to believe certain Twitch streamers, then yes! In his stream yesterday, Shroud let slip that there could be another beta this Thursday.

While the beta only ended on Monday, it was met with such high acclaim that fans already want another fix of the Battle Royale game. BlackOut was peaking on Twitch, with the likes of Dr Disrespect, Ninja and Shroud all streaming to thousands of fans. With its popularity and the fact that every game needs two beta runs, could we see it re-released?

Well, in his stream yesterday, Shroud said: “Blackout tomorrow, woo!”

However, when his teammate Chad responded, Shroud back-pedalled and repeated ‘no’ over and over.

Why would the beta come out today? Well apparently, Avenge Sevenfold’s new single for the Call of Duty Zombies mode is being premiered on Dr Disrespect’s channel today. They announced on Twitter, and it will premiere at 5 pm BST.

This could very well mean that we get the BlackOut beta or even the Zombies mode at 6pm. In fact, when I checked my Battle.Net, there was an option to play Black Ops 4, but it then went away!

It looks like we will have to wait and see tonight if it is true or not.

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