Get your suncream and sandals at the ready – are we getting a Fortnite beach?

One of the big questions of Season 5 has been “what are they replacing the football stadium with?”

The stadium was added to help celebrate the World Cup and replaced the chateau; which was a great area to loot while being quiet.

However, since Season 5’s launch, there is just a blank location. If you land at Junk Junction, expect a long trek rotating to Lazy Links for more loot.

However, we might just be getting a new area there all thanks to some sand. There is loads of sand dropping from the cracks in the sky which have got us very excited that we could get a beach location.

This is backed up by the fact that several skins, emotes and gliders are beach-themed. Most importantly, there is a beach ball toy, and there isn’t really anywhere to use it.

This Reddit User Spotted It First

Sand is seeping through the cracks…
byu/killrmeemstr inFortNiteBR

The golfball toy has the golf course, and the basketball toy has the various courts across the map. So, having a volleyball net or something on a beach would make sense.

We’d fancy either Epic will add a new location, replacing the football stadium, or it will bring a change to the map, replacing the Viking theme with something else.

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