How could you not want a faster Battlefield V time to kill?

According to leaks, Dice may be changing the time to kill and gunplay in the next Battlefield V beta.

From the first to the second closed Alpha, things were changed to slow down the time to kill; effectively reverting the game back to how Battlefield 1 felt.

Gone was the faster-paced action and focus on needing medics for reviving and healing. In its place was much slower and more methodical games; some of which players were taking a whole clip to finish off.

LevelCap Gaming on slower Time to Kill

The first alpha had given the impression the game would be going back to Battlefield 4’s shooting mechanics. However, the second alpha, which wasn’t quite as strong as the first one, saw players sponging bullets. It was frustrating for everyone.

With the open beta starting in September, Dice and EA will continue to do everything they can to improve pre-order sales. According to figures put out last week, the game is lagging behind of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2.

However, Video Game Analyst, Mat Piscatella revealed on Twitter that pre-orders are not a viable metric for a game’s success.

Pre-orders not helpful?

Dice and EA will be hoping that lowering the time to kill and teasing the Battle Royale mode will peak player’s interest.

With less than two months to go until the game is released, can Battlefield V really compete with Call of Duty? We’ll have to wait and see in October.