We really, really want customisable Fortnite skins.

A Fortnite data-miner has potentially discovered one of the most significant leaks in the game’s history. Skins have been such a historic part of Fortnite’s popularity. In fact, some skins can fetch as much as £500 to the right buyer, with the likes of the Skull Trooper and the Royal Bomber being very popular.

With the introduction of back bling, players have been able to customise their characters somewhat. The Red Knight with the Wukong back-bling is probably the most popular; it looks very much like something from Warhammer. Late in Season 4, and in Season 5, two skins have been customisable, with the World Cup and Rift skins. You can change colours, teams, numbers and add various items.

Skull Trooper going for £400?!

However, what everyone wants it to be able to customise everything. Mix and match. Have the head of the Red Knight with the body of the Power Chord and the legs of the Reaper. Though that may seem like a pipe dream, this leaker might have found something to suggest overwise.

Customise Fortnite skins?!


As you can see, there are two lines, ‘Customise Character Body Part’ and ‘Customise Character Part’. This would be one of the best things that Epic have added to the game and help with their battle to stop account sellers. With the ability to customise your skins to be as unique as you want would be pretty amazing and open a world of opportunities.

When will it happen?

No idea! We could imagine this would be something they would do to celebrate the first birthday of the Battle Royale mode. Hopefully, this does happen, and we can start customising.

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