It looks like there is a good chance we will be getting a Fortnite competitive playlist in the future.

Fortnite is one of the biggest games in the world right now. Huge popularity, and a massive player-base, usually brings with it tournaments, big money, and some incredible esport talent. In fact, even without an official tournament mode, there have been several Fortnite esport teams established in recent months, some forming back in 2017.

TSM was one of the first, with the likes of Myth, Daequan, Dakotaz and CDNTh3rd all being summoned for the team; these are some of the best players in Fortnite. Then came other team headhunters snapping up the likes of King Richard – but despite this, we’re yet to hear much about a full-blown Fortnite esport tournament.

This might be starting to change, however, with the inclusion of a new playlist that is coming to Fornite. According to several Reddit users who have done some data-mining, we will be getting a solo competitive playlist.

Does this prove that Fortnite esports are coming?

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While nothing has been officially confirmed by Epic yet, it is likely that we will see some competitive playlists added. We’ve seen games like Batallion, Overwatch, and Paladins add competitive playlists, so Fortnite will likely follow suit.

It is also likely that we will see teams use the competitive rankings of the larger player base to sign some of the highest performing players. So, there is still a chance that you can become a professional gamer, assuming you can get all of those Victory Royales.

If, and when, Epic do reveal info on the Fortnite competitive playlist, we’ll be sure to let you know everything you need to know.

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