Literally, everyone ignores Zenyatta in Overwatch.

Other than Maybe Ana, Zenyatta might just be one of the hardest support characters to play. Heroes such as Bridgette and Moira dish out significant damage, and then Mercy and Lucio can give out big heals.

While you can do the same with Zenyatta – get too far forward, and you will get melted. Stay too far back, and you won’t be able to heal your Tanks. Oddly though, Zenyatta can dish out plenty of damage, but unlike Mercy or Moira, it does seem that players don’t really go after him.

How many times have you been in a match and someone has said ‘Focus on Mercy’? Now, imagine how few times you have heard ‘Focus on Zen’. This is something that one Reddit user showed off in a rather brilliant Play of the Game.

Zenyatta POTG

New Zenyatta passive ability: being ignored from Overwatch

Reddit user Inthehxightse pulled off this fantastic quintuple kill, with even the opposition Zen ignoring him melting his team. As you can imagine, the comments were pretty much all about the same thing, how everyone ignores Zen. “Your aim was spot on! Then when you tried shooting the Zen, you shot literally all around him”. This comment however just about summed everything up about playing Zenyatta.

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