We reckon this might be one of the best Ana plays ever seen!

Playing Ana can sometimes be a complete nightmare. Unless your team has some good tanks and a decent secondary healer, it can be very lonely. Heck, even with your daughter at your side, you and Pharah can’t do it all by yourselves.

However, playing Ana can feel very rewarding, mainly if you out heal a mercy or out damage a Widow. She might be a 3-star difficulty and arguably the hardest support hero to play, but she can also be a lot of fun. How can you not love hitting a Hanzo with a sleep dart right before he sets off his ultimate?!

Though that is amazing, we reckon this play posted to Reddit by user TheTowelMan shows something else you can do with Ana – survive. However, as you will see in this clip, how he does manage to survive is beyond us.

Ana is too old for this!

I shouldn’t be alive: Ana edition from Overwatch

If you take a closer look, you will see at one point, TheTowelMan is against four players, two of them tanks! However, thanks to Bastion seemingly mopping up some damage and killing the Doomfist; Ana managed to keep on going.

Obviously, though, the best bit of all of this is the Soldier at the end who decides he’d instead get a health pack than being healed by the support right behind him. Thankfully, he gets his just reward, and we get to see one of the best Ana plays ever seen.

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