A Reddit user has apparently revealed details of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Zombies mode.

There were worries that the game mode – which helped make Treyarch’s name – wouldn’t even be included in the newest title.

It was the single-player campaign that got cut instead, replaced by a Battle Royale mode; Zombies was retained. Yesterday we got both a reveal from Treyarch and a leak from a Reddit user on what was going to be included in the game.

Just before the trailer was released, Reddit user Omnipotentem revealed precisely what we would see in the Chaos story mode trailer. This trailer released by Treyarch showed us the main protagonist, Scarlett Rhodes, as she looks to find her father who has mysteriously disappeared.

In it, we get to see two locations; the Voyage of Dispair and XI, both set in the past; with XI being set in ancient Rome.


These were the Reddit leaks.

  • The Chaos Crew has a set of unique weapons which can be equipped before the match begins, Treyarch teased these on May 17th. While each character has a weapon about them, any character can equip any weapon. Note: These are not the official names of the guns.

Shaw: Sword
Scarlett: Staff
Diego: Harpoon + Disc
Bruno: Hammer

  • The Primis Crew also has their own set of special weapons which function the same a the Chaos Crews. The Primis Crew’s exclusive weapons are a bit more subject to change as Richtofen’s DG-5’s are named as such, but do not function precisely as the DG-4’s from BO3. Dempsey’s Minigun currently uses the minigun model from a previous game.

Richtofen: Ragnarok DG-5’s
Dempsey: Minigun
Nikolai: Flamethrower
Takeo: Katana

  • Blood of the Dead: In the intro cinematic, the Primis Crew enters the prison through a hole in a wall. Richtofen from the Zombies Comics gives the Primis Crew a set of Blood Vials and then leaves, meanwhile Primis Richtofen is holding a portal to leave the Prison which ends up being closed by Brutus before the crew can escape.
  • The Kronorium also makes a slight appearance in the cinematic.
  • Blood of the Dead: In this remake, the map is noticeably larger than the original Mob of the Dead, featuring both new and old sections.
  • Players spawn in the Cryostasis Lab, opening the first door reveals that you are on the side of the prison that was not in the original. There is a path from the Cryostasis Lab to the Docks.
  • IX: The crowd in the stadium fluctuates in response to the in-game actions of the players.

The Verdict

Interestingly, they matched up very well with the trailer.

It looks like this Call of Duty Zombies experience will be very exciting; though we hope that they are not super convoluted like previous games. The fact that each player has a different ability and weapon is just brilliant.

We cannot wait to get our hands on Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, when it comes out on October 12th.

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