A Wrecking Ball boop is the best boop.

Wrecking Ball has been an entertaining hero to use, mainly thanks to his mobility and ability to push players around. The newest Overwatch hero is one of those that you really do either love or hate. His design is enough to make players think he is fantastic or a bit stupid.

With that being said, he is a perfect hero, giving a tank the ability to get into objectives quickly, and effectively. His Grappling Claw not only gets him to right spots, but also turns him into a battering ram that can send enemies flying. And this is precisely what one Reddit user posted on the Overwatch subreddit, showing off Wrecking Ball’s bullying ability.

Wrecking Ball OP?

After killing a Widow with style, the same hamster returns with a strike! from Overwatch

The funniest thing about the clip was the fact he started off trying to go after the Widow. Unfortunately for the enemy team, they just completely ignored Wrecking Ball and let him get behind. You would have thought that they would have realised when he hit a huge piledriver on them which was very reminiscent of The Undertaker.

We’re also a massive fan of the fact that the enemy team took the Wrecking Ball boop well. I mean, how often do you see the hamster boop someone off the map let alone get five kills!

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