There is already a new Torbjorn turret glitch!

The Torbjorn changes coming to Overwatch are going to be pretty huge. The changes were announced on the Overwatch website on Friday and will see his turret, ultimate, fire-rate and armour packs get a rework.

Probably the most significant addition is that Torb not only puts out a level 2 turret, but can now throw them – similar to how he did the armour packs. This means he can get turrets into areas he couldn’t before, which is quite impressive.

The glitch

You can place torbs turret inside of a tree on Hollywood from Overwatch

The changes are only available on the PTR servers. There is a pretty outrageous glitch already found that we hope won’t make it into the game. Reddit user u/jellycookie revealed that you could throw his new turret into a tree! You can throw it quite high allowing you to effectively shoot a Pharah over and over while also having a line of sight on players on the ground.

Will it be fixed?

Obviously, being able to throw a turret through a tree is a little bit of a problem. However, with there being so many changes and already loads of bugs, this might not be the priority for Blizzard at the moment.

When does the patch come out?

Likely by the end of September judging by the previous patches released. We’re likely going to see it by Thursday (27th) or Friday (28th).

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