Wondering what the best materials to farm in Fortnite? Well, we have the answer!

Despite it being the niche that Epic built their game on, they really are going all out to nerf building. Really, the ability to create structures and defences was what set Fortnite apart from the likes of PUBG and H1Z1. However, in recent months, the developers have made gathering materials harder and being able to build in battles much less effective.

You now get fewer materials per hit when farming them and the health of wood and brick have both been nerfed. In spite of this, you still need to build and if anything, need to gather more materials than before. Now you will absolutely need to get wood for building up to things and metal to build structures.

Best structures?

Which structures are worth your time breaking to get resources? Infographic from FortNiteBR

Thankfully, one Reddit user has figured out a little trick to get ahead of the game on which items to farm. SaltySnailComics revealed what some of the best items are, but he has missed out on a few items. Notably missing are the giant heads that were introduced in Season five and the ice cream trucks which are notorious for giving lots of metal.

So, what are the best? Well, it looks like the giant rocks found in Paradise Palms are one of the easiest ways to get hold of brick. Fences and cars are a brilliant way to get metal and planks and furniture are the best for wood.

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