How great do you think a Fortnite Assassin LTM would be?

Fortnite and the limited time mode games added in previous months follow a pretty standard format. Well, standard regarding battle royale – but there is no problem in looking for brilliant ways to freshen up the game.

Don’t get us wrong, Fortnite is still a fun and exciting game, but one Reddit user has come up with an ingenious LTM, ‘Assassin’. This suggested LTM would be unlike anything Fortnite, or battle royale fans, have ever seen before; it could become something very interesting.

Fortnite assassin mode

So what is it? Well, Reddit user hhreplica1013 revealed all the proposed rules of the game in a post that started trending on the Reddit forum.

The concept:

  • Players are assigned a target after 1 minute, and this target will be visibly marked on the map at all times.
  • If you kill your target, you will take on your victim’s target.
  • You may only deal damage to your target and your assassin.
  • Last man standing wins.

This could be a little like the Thanos LTM, in which everyone is looking to get the target, aka Thanos, and it sounds like a fantastic concept.

How Epic Games would implement this is far beyond us, but we can only hope that they find a way to do it.

One thing for sure though, Epic absolutely do listen to their community, so we could see something similar to this added in the future.

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