Despite the colossal backlash, Epic Games has revealed that we will get the Red Knight skin again.

This skin was first brought out way back in Season two; being incredibly popular among professional streamers such as OpticCouRage.

It’s priced at 2,000 vBucks, meaning it’s going to cost you over £20 to get the skin; one that everyone and their grandma has.

As you can imagine, fans are pretty annoyed with Epic for re-releasing it.

Red Knight Reactions

However, OpTic CouRage, one of the players who already have the skin, posted his thoughts on Twitter about it.

Selling Fortnite accounts has been a huge business for some people. Accounts that have the Skull Trooper or Ghoul Trooper skins have fetched a whopping £200-£300 on eBay.

Epic has started to crack down on buying and selling accounts, with pro player FaZe tfue having his first account banned for buying skins.

Epic are also very keen on making the game as inclusive as possible. While skins don’t offer any real in-game value, they do cause some mental blocks. When players see someone wearing the Skull Trooper – or any skin from season one for that matter – new players may panic; you expect them to be a very good player.

This obviously gives people an advantage over others just because they have the skins.

Fans may not like it, but we would be on board if Epic did flash sales for specific skins to make them become less rare and stop sellers and, more importantly, any scammers.

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