Overwatch Halloween 2018 skins are here and they are amazing.

Boo! Halloween is here, well at least it is on Overwatch, and deep down, isn’t that all that matters? With the spooky season now in full flow, the Overwatch gods have gifted us some sweet skins that might be some of the best we’ve seen.

Amongst those to get a spooky makeover are Wrecking Ball, Soldier 76, Moira, and Widowmaker. However, some of these skins cost as much a 3,000 gold and getting them in a box is unreliable. With that being said, we certainly need to rank the best five skins, so you know what you HAVE to buy.

5. The Bride – Sombra

via Overwatch

This is a cool skin and certainly better than the Widowmaker one! We have finally got Junkenstein’s Monster a bride! However, at 3,000 gold it feels like it is a little dull compared to its price.

4. Banshee – Moira

via Overwatch

Moira deserved a great skin, and this might be it! Only the Blackwatch or Glam skin was any good, but this Halloween one is brilliant. Again, it is 3,000 gold, so a lot of money/loot boxes to get. However, if you are a Moira main, it is a must buy.

3. Friday 13th – Soldier 76

I really love this one, mainly because I love Jason Voorhees. In fact, it would be higher on the list if it wasn’t for Soldier already having some great skins. With that being said, the fact that his gun is now a chainsaw and that he breathes orange mist makes up for that.

2. Swamp Monster – Doomfist

I can barely walk forward with Doomfist let alone have a good game using him. However, this skin has inspired me to get my finger out and master the baddy of the Overwatch game. The design is just superb and is a nice reminder that I need to watch Creature from the Black Lagoon this month.

1. Jack-O’-Lantern – Wrecking Ball

Oh boy! Wrecking Ball deserved a brilliant skin, but I don’t think anyone was expecting something this cool. In fact, when I saw Wrecking Ball was getting a Halloween skin, I very much expected it to be a bit goofy. However, this mean little Hamster does look great, and I WILL get him before the end of the Halloween event.

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