PUBG update 20 is now live on the test servers and looks like a good one!

PUBG Corps are continuing their push to go through with the recent ‘FIX PUBG’ campaign.

While Patch 19 has only just been added to the full game in the past couple of weeks, update 20 is already live on the test servers. This patch will fix various bugs on the map while also adding a new Sanhok exclusive vehicle and a brand new assault rifle.

The new AR is the Beryl M762 which is a versatile weapon that uses 7.62mm ammo with a base of 30 rounds; 40 if you’re using extended mags. It has a lower per bullet damage than the comparable AKM but a higher fire-rate if you can control the kick.

So far, feedback on the weapon seems to be positive, with players finding it good for mid-range battles despite the lower damage than the AKM.

The new vehicle to be added is the Scooter; it’s a Sanhok exclusive and will replace the motorbike currently on the map.

The scooter will be a two-seater vehicle. It’s slower and has a larger turning circle, but the same HP as the bike. In a post on the PUBG Steam Community blog, the developers revealed all the major bug fixes and gameplay changes. Most notably, it looks like dead player’s loot boxes will now stop getting buried on Miramar, and improvements added to peaking around corners.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a dead player’s loot box is sometimes buried in certain locations in Miramar.
  • Fixed an issue where items were difficult to distinguish from the floor in the police station in El Azahar on Miramar.
  • Fixed an issue in replays where a player appears to be unarmed even though the character is armed with a weapon.
  • Fixed the issue where a character sometimes vaults the opposite direction while you’re time-jumping through a replay.
  • Fixed the issue where the bolt-action animation doesn’t always occur during replays.
  • Fixed the issue where certain sounds are not playing during replays.
  • Fixed the issue where a prone player is shown to be moving very fast while on a sloped area.


  • Added ‘TPP Aim Camera Position’ to options
    Reset to Right Shoulder (default setting)
  • The camera will always be positioned above the character’s right shoulder
    Reset to Left Shoulder
  • The camera will always be positioned above the character’s left shoulder
    Latest Peek Shoulder
  • Camera position automatically moves to the direction you last leaned
    Latest Aim Shoulder
  • The camera remains in the last ADS direction
    In this setting, the camera position won’t be changed by leaning while not in ADS or scoping.

It should be interesting to see how these fixes and changes will affect the game. Fans have been hoping that something will change and the developers will continue improvements to the game.

With the success of the PUBGI and a push to getting the game ‘esports ready’, it looks like we may finally be getting a fully functioning PUBG.

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