Have you seen the Lonely Lodge portal yet?

While the rocket may not have hit its target, it did cause some mayhem in Fortnite.

The rocket launch on Fortnite on Saturday night was one of the biggest gaming events of the year, as millions logged on to see what was going on with the villain’s evil plans.

We Have Take Off

After the launch, some weird rifts started appearing in the sky and some even stranger ones in various locations. At first, these looked pretty inconspicuous, with them just being a weird blue light. However, these have now started to get bigger; destroying everything in their way.

Right outside the lodge at Lonely Lodge, we have started to see some small cracks appearing at the front. The other weird light has done the same to the Motel, located west of Anarchy Acres.

So, what does it all mean?

We reckon that the theory that the next season will be set in the past is correct; with these rifts dragging the map back through time. I know that all sounds a little like you’ve got your micro-dosing wrong, but let’s not forget that there are rifts in time and space in the sky so it isn’t too farfetched, right?

Well, we will find out over the next week or so, with Season 5 starting on July 10th.

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