It’s unbelievable how much Pokemon Go earns per day!

You might have thought that it died back in 2016, but Pokemon Go is going from strength to strength.

Pokemon Go was one of the highlights of 2016 for many people, especially those in their mid to late 20s who were right in the middle of the craze last time around.

The game was massively popular for the first few months thanks to how easy it was to play, and the massive amounts of nostalgia it inspired.


However, that popularity waned after a few months, following Niantic’s decision to close down spawn maps, and their lack of support for the game. While many players moved away, some loyal fans who stuck by it were treated with some significant updates and regular events. Now with the fact that Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee coming out and tying into the game, fans have started getting back into it.

Reports Look Healthy

While you may believe that the game was dead, a report by Sensor Tower showed just how much revenue Niantic are making; a whopping $2 million per day. Though this is well short of the likes of Fortnite’s overall earnings, it is actually beating their mobile app, which brings in around $1 million per day on skins and emotes.

In fact, since launch, it has made more than $1.6bn, with over $600m of that coming from the USA, and $500m from Japan. With plans for them to release the game in the huge Chinese market, we could see a Pokemon Go revival and a return to it being the most popular mobile app around.

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