People are selling their Fortnite accounts; which not surprising as more players invest vast amounts on the game.

How much have you spent on Fortnite since you started playing? I’ll be honest, I reckon I must have spent over £150 on skins, emotes, and Battle Passes. Thinking about it makes me kind of regret my life choices right now, but oh well.

However, if you search ‘spent on Fortnite’ in your favourite search engine, you will come across some people who are in a similar – if not worse – situation.

One thing to note with Fortnite is that they are replicating a system that Team Fortress 2 popularised years ago – cosmetic items. People love cosmetic items, and want to look the best they can, all of the time – especially if they have the opportunity to personalise their character.

A common argument for these kinds of transactions is that it does not affect the actual gameplay; primarily buying something that makes you look different to the rest of the players in the lobby.

On the other hand, as is becoming increasingly common these days with the more popular games, some people have gone a bit beyond all sense in their spending. We have heard about FIFA fans splashing thousands on packs, but it appears that people are also doing that on cosmetic items in Fortnite.


Twitter user @PapiVetoh revealed that he had spent a whopping $700 on Fortnite so far. Several others have claimed to have spent between $300 and $500 on the free-to-play game!

Some players have sought compensation for their purchases by selling their accounts on eBay, with some actually turning a profit. In fact, if you have the skull trooper skin, you can quickly earn yourself a whopping £100+, depending on your other skins, and what level you are.

If you’re in the market for an account then just be careful out there, if it sounds too good to be true, 99.99% of the time it is. As with a lot of other games, developers and publishers do like to stamp out this kind of behaviour too – so you can never be too careful…

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