CS:GO MP5-SD patch solves huge audio issue

The newest weapon in Counter-Strike, the MP5 has already had to be patched. Released just three days ago, the MP5 was basically just an MP7 with a higher kill reward. Other than damage and kill reward, every other stat was the same.

However, there was one big difference between the two weapons; you couldn’t really hear the MP5! The bug seemed to be a pretty nasty one, with it not registering from around 15m away. Though the weapon is suppressed, not being able to hear anything is, of course, a massive problem that Valve needed to fix.

Former CS pro, Eric Hoag aka AdreN, showed just how bad the bug was, with you barely being able to hear it in this clip.

MP5 bugged?

To combat this, a patch was pushed out late yesterday to fix the audio bug. On the Counter-Strike blog, the 16/8/18 patch notes read:

MP5 fixed


  • Slight increase in maximum audible distance of primary fire sound.
  • Chickens are no longer scared when players fire the MP5-SD.

Phew, thank god they stopped those chickens from getting scared. Oh, and improving the audio on the MP5.

While this is a nice change, some players are still less than impressed with the weapon. Many feel like it doesn’t do very much damage despite being incredibly accurate, especially while moving.


Hopefully, we will see another CS:GO MP5-SD patch in the coming weeks or months to make it on par with the MP7.

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