There are 17 new CS skins coming to the game!

Get ready to part with your hard earned cash, because new skins are coming to Counter Strike. Skins are a considerable part of CS, with everyone wanting to get hold of something such as the Karambit Doppler Black Pearl.

So, what are the new skins? Well, there are 17 new skins, with three new knives also included; Stilleto, Ursus, Navaja, and Talon. We’ll be honest, the sawed-off shotgun and the AK-47 neon skin might just look the best. Of course, the AWP skin will be one that everyone wants to get hold of.

Horizon weapon skins

In fact, along with the new skins, there will also be a visual overhaul, bringing the Panorama UI out of Beta mode. The Panorama UI will almost make CS: GO feel like a new game, with it changing everything from the scoreboard to the entire experience of the game.


UI and skin patch:

– Added the Horizon Case, featuring 17 new community weapon finishes and 4 brand new knives.

– Fixed halftime and team selection music to respect main menu music volume settings.
– Lobby voice chat will now duck main menu music volume for the duration of voice chat.
– Fixed ability to borrow music kits and added a button to stop borrowing music kits.
– Fixed a bug that caused old invites to be re-sent when returning to lobby from a competitive match.
– Friends rich presence in-game now displays the competitive match score first.
– Added chat messages for players receiving competitive cooldowns, reports, and commendations.

via Steam

– Multiple fixes for IME support and text entry focus with IME.
– Updated lobby chat to show more messages.
– Fixed Lobby chat layouts for 4×3 and 5×4 aspect ratios.
– Fixed end of match rank display showing incorrect text for 40+ level ranks.
– Fixed reconnect panel layouts for 4×3 and 5×4 aspect ratios.
– Fixed scoreboard layout in war game modes.

We’ll be looking forward to seeing what some of the rarest skins end up being and how players react to the Panorama UI.

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