Have you ever seen a double D.Va team kill? Prepare to be amazed!

Getting high kills, winning, and getting gold medals might be what Overwatch is all about. However, there is one thing that every Overwatch player wants to do – even the most determined support players want to do it! What is it? To get an enemy team kill, of course!

There is something so rewarding hearing Athena (yes the commentator has a name) say ‘double kill’, let alone say ‘team kill’. Usually, the best way to get them is by combing ultimates. Something like Zarya’s gravity and Hanzo’s Dragonstrike can be lethal. However, one ultimate seems to always get some big team-kills… D.Va’s.

Self-Destruct can be entirely infuriating to play against, especially if you are in a tight choke point. As soon as you hear ‘NERF THIS’, you know you need to get out of dodge, ASAP.

Most of the time, you get killed anyway, because the radius is HUGE. Triple kills and even quads are pretty standard for a D.Va Self-Destruct.



I see your team wipe DVA bombs and raise you this. from Overwatch

However, we have never seen a double team kill until Reddit user CrispyBacon1999 shared this fantastic clip. He and the enemy team’s D.Va both time their Self-Destruct ultimate, so they end up killing everyone! Yep, all players are out of action, and we get a severe hard reset. Thankfully, with the payload almost at its destination and more than 3 minutes left, it didn’t matter too much.

It looks like we’ll be playing D.Va for the next few days to see if we can pull this off, especially with the new Nano Cola D.Va skin and sprays available!

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