The incredible Shanghai Dragons losing streak is now up to 36 games in a row.

No one ever wants to lose, regardless of what level you are playing at.

However, imagine you are a professional athlete, and you experience 36 consecutive losses – having never actually won with your team. Yeah, that wouldn’t feel too great, would it?

But that is precisely what has been happening to Overwatch League side, Shanghai Dragons, and it is something we have previously covered earlier this year.

Going Down

Back then, Shanghai was just one loss away from being the worst in American professional sports, with 26 consecutive defeats. In fact, they had lost almost 100 maps and had already gone through a whole host of players (and coaches).

We all thought (and hoped) things would get better for them, but good lord it hasn’t. They are still to win a game, are rock bottom of the standings, and have won just four maps total from 7 games.

That means they have now lost a whopping 129 maps, winning a pretty unfortunate 21, and drawing 2.

The addition of female superstar Geguri was thought to have a huge impact, but she has struggled in an environment that is reportedly quite toxic due to huge divisions, and lack of communication between the South Korean and Chinese players.

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You could be excused for thinking that the team just aren’t working as hard as everyone else, but team manager Yang Van issued a statement claiming the team has the “most intensive training scheme” in the league: 12 hours a day for six days a week.

The best solution to get the first victory is to figure out the reasons for the losses within and beyond the game, not to blindly increase training time, which we don’t approve of,” he said to the AFP.

“We have not won yet, and that has made our fans really sad, angry or even furious.”

Rock Bottom?

Since those comments, the team has lost more games. They have also lost two fantastic players; Undead and MG, and also their coach Rui – who left due to health reasons.

With just three games left of Stage Four, it’s unlikely that we will see Shanghai pull off a victory. They are coming up against top performers like Los Angles Gladiators, San Francisco Shock, and Boston Uprising.

Good luck, guys – but we’ll be honest, Shanghai Dragons losing streak shows no sign of ending any time soon.

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