Overwatch 2018 Summer Games skins are on their way and we cannot wait!

Who doesn’t love skins? In fact, who doesn’t love unique skins that make your character look totally amazing? The Summer Games annual event is set to start this weekend on August 9th, introducing especially limited loot boxes.

With new sprays, skins and poses coming to the game, Blizzard has shown off what we will be able to get hold of for the next few weeks.


Arguably, the best skin is the Gridironhardt Reinhardt skin! It looks like he will be even scarier to face off against using this.


Another very cool one is the Winston baseball catcher skin. Sure, we know nothing about baseball, like at all, but it sure looks very nice.


Next up is an Ana skin that really doesn’t look that brilliant. While Ana is a cool hero, this skin makes her look like an old woman enjoying the summer at a Florida retirement home.


Finally, we have got a D.Va skin that seems a little like a beach volleyball player – which we can entirely get on board with. Her mech has some pretty darn cool blue and hot pink colouring and a few lei’s scattered around.

These skins are set to drop in celebration for the third Summer Games, with you only able to get these in loot boxes. There will also be a 3v3 limited game, called LucioBall, a 3v3 match which is a bit like street football!

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