One-handed Overwatch gamer is totally wrecking things up with Junkrat!

Getting a team kill on Overwatch is no easy task. The amount of damage that some team-mates put out can easily take one or more of your kills. Thankfully, certain heroes make things a bit easier, especially with their ultimates. Think Hanzo, Genji, Winston etc.

Oh, and course; Junkrat.

However, while all those heroes can get these big kills, it is still not as straightforward as you may think. So, when you get one, it is indeed worth celebrating, especially if things aren’t quite going your way.

However, imagine getting one when you are playing with just one hand because of a disability?

Disabled gamer playing with 1 hand gets a TEAMKILL from Overwatch

Well, that is precisely what Hezi Gangina aka TheOneHandOnly did while playing as Junkrat. Doing it on Dorado, Gangina managed to wipe the entire enemy team with a perfectly timed rip-tire. In an interview with switchgaming, Gangina revealed that he is a former PES champion but particularly struggles with FPSs.

“Yes, usually FPS’s are not easy for me to play (because of the use of keyboard and mouse parallelly), but I can still manage to play them.”

This piece was posted back in 2009, so it looks like he has got to grips with the FPS thing, especially after this team-kill. We might just have to try playing Overwatch with one hand to see just how hard it is.

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