Aero has shared his thoughts on Seagull retiring from Overwatch League in Reddit AMA

Dallas Fuel coach Aaron “Aero” Atkins has revealed how the side took to news Seagull was leaving. Brandon Larned aka Seagull decided to step down from the Overwatch League, leaving behind his Dallas Fuel team-mates.

In fact, his departure was quite shocking, with many Dallas fans surprised that one of the better Stage 4 players quit. However, Seagull had stated that during his time with Dallas, he had gained more than 40 pounds and was suffering from sleep apnea. Now focussing on his full-time stream schedule, he is still representing Dallas and will be very hard to replace.

When asked in a Reddit AMA, Aero revealed how it felt to lose someone as good as Seagull between seasons.

Aero on Seagull

Throughout Stage 4, Seagull mained D.Va and was arguably one of the best in the league at that time. In fact, he played more than 10 hours of D.Va in the Overwatch League, dishing out some severe damage in the process.

While Dallas may miss him in Season 2, Seagull is already enjoying his full-time stream schedule. Recently, he amassed 100,000 concurrent viewers thanks to the new D.Va Twitch drops.

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