Wondering how to get a no kill Fortnite win? Well, Ninja will show you the way.

When you are playing Fortnite, you absolutely want to try and get the most kills you can manage. In fact, people have got as many as 42 kills in one game – albeit using pretty cheesy tactics.

One player who has made his name by getting high-kill wins has been Twitch legend, Ninja. He is well known for dropping 20+ kills in a game with ease. However, what he is not known for is not getting any kills at all. In fact, the no-kill win is a badge of honour that many have tried for, but few have been able to complete.


Basically, you need to find a way that keeps you safe until the end of the game and have enough healing items to get you through. And this is exactly what Ninja did during his stream yesterday, picking up a squad, zero kill, win.

As you can imagine, he and his team were pretty darn happy with it and proved that you don’t always need to be an amazing fragger to win.

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