Read on for details on the new PUBG update.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has received update 1.0 #17 on PC. The update is set to fix various bugs and add some visual improvements; most notably to the Sanhok map.

A big change included a patch to a game-breaking exploit that allowed players to get under the Sanhok map. The exploit wasn’t difficult to perform; the developers left in unrendered terrain that players could clip through.

Map Update

via pubg corps

Visual improvements were focused on the cliffs – and most notably the ruins – where more rubble has been added.


As for bug fixes, they have finally corrected the alignment of the crossbow’s reticle and removed certain objects that blocked players movement on Sanhok and Miramar.

Finally, there is now a timer letting players know how long they will need to wait before joining a server, and the lobby has a new theme to celebrate the $2 million invitational PUBG tournament later this month.

Obviously, this isn’t a big update, but the fact that they have acted somewhat quickly in fixing game-breaking exploits is a good thing. PUBG has some making up to do to fans, mainly thanks to the difficult launch of the Sanhok event pass.

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