The new Overwatch map Busan has been added to the game and we can’t wait to play it.

The latest update to Overwatch has finally added the new map, Busan to the public servers. Busan was released to the test servers earlier this month following the D.Va animated short’s release.

Busan is a control map with three very distinct areas that will have us getting our first view at D.Va’s hometown. On the Play Overwatch website, they wrote this about the map.

“Travel to Busan, South Korea and battle for control across three distinct locales within one map: Sanctuary, Downtown, and MEKA Base.”

“Explore the serene setting of the Sanctuary, surrounded by an ancient temple, beautiful gardens, and historic architecture. Clash in the bustling metropolis of Downtown, where players will fight across a busy PC bang, flashy karaoke bar, and central light rail station (just watch out for the train).”

“Contest for position in MEKA Base—home of South Korea’s frontline defense against the gwishin omnic attacks: D.Va and the rest of the MEKA squad.”

While the new map plays very well, the Downtown area does have a hilarious feature, allowing Reinhardt to partake in some Karaoke. Speaking of Reinhardt, the latest update will bring several changes and bug fixes to him. He has been reasonably bug-ridden of late, and these fixes will be welcomed by any Rein main.


“We’ve given Earthshatter a complete overhaul to combat inconsistencies with its performance. These changes will make Earthshatter’s behaviour more predictable and effective.”


  • Now consistently hits enemies near walls.
  • No longer hits enemies that enter the damage cone after the “wave” has passed that area.
  • No longer damages enemies behind barriers blocking it, even if the barrier is later dropped or
  • destroyed.
  • Always travels up inclines and around the payload.

Along with Rein, there are some other heroes getting bug fixes as well.


Biotic Rifle

  • Increased the precision of the Relative Aim Sensitivity While Zoomed slider. This can be found under Options > Controls > Hero > Ana.


“Currently, when two charging targets hit each other, they both fall down and are briefly stunned. You can see this interaction with Doomfist’s Rocket Punch and Reinhardt’s Charge abilities.

“Brigitte’s Shield Bash previously wasn’t included in this group, which meant that if she used Shield Bash against these other abilities, she would generally stun them and not be affected herself. This change makes it so if she uses Shield Bash against Charge or Rocket Punch; both players will be knocked down.”

Shield Bash

  • Now knocks down and gets knocked down by other charging targets (e.g. Reinhardt and Doomfist).


Grappling Hook

  • Now retains momentum when used on environments or structures without a ledge (e.g. walls).

Widow’s Kiss

  • Increased the precision of the Relative Aim Sensitivity While Zoomed slider. This can be found under Options > Controls > Hero > Widowmaker.

These changes should certainly improve the game’s current state, which has been frustrating at times, especially with the new season starting. There are still several serious bugs still in the game that we can only hope Blizzard can sort out.

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