There’s going to be a Fortnite Laser Shark Glider coming to the game and it looks amazing!

According to FNBR, we will be getting some seriously amazing cosmetic items coming to Fortnite.

Skins, gliders, pickaxes and all the emotes are something that has pushed Fortnite ahead of their rivals. So, what are we going to get when we part ways with our hard earned cash? Well, thanks to FNBR, we have a full rundown of everything you need to know and to get.

Sharks with fricking lasers on their heads.

Easily the best items are the laser shark glider and Archetype skin which should set up back around 1,200 vBucks if you want them.

I mean, why wouldn’t you want them… look at them! They are totally amazing and a shark with a freaking laser on its head it pretty crazy. Groovy homage to Dr Evil from Austin Powers there too.

Other things to take a look at include the Bat Attitude which looks pretty cool for some back bling.

The Harpoon pickaxe looks like it will fit well with some of the scuba diver skins and of course the LASER SHARK GLIDER.

Finally, there is the Penguin back bling which could be more at home in something like Realm Royale. Finally we’ve got the embers trail which looks like it would be very pretty because hey, embers are always cool.

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