Are we actually getting a FIFA 19 Battle Royale mode? Well, the new trailer suggests we will, sort of.

I don’t know if you are aware of this, but Battle Royale games are super popular at the moment. Have you heard of ‘Fortnite’ or ‘PUBG’, everyone is playing them. They are so popular that the British tabloids are writing smear pieces on them!

Well, we have seen the likes of Call of Duty and Battlefield enter the Battle Royale arena, with their takes on it. However, the most unlikely game to throw their hat into the ring is… FIFA 19?! In the latest trailer for the game, which comes out next month, we’re treated to the ‘The New Kick-Off’ features.

While there are plenty of new and exciting things that are reminding us a lot of the old lounge mode back in FIFA 11, one new game caught our attention the most. The Survival mode literally looks like FIFA’s attempt at Battle Royale.

How does it work?

via EA

Well, the brief glimpse we get in the trailer shows that when you score a goal in the mode, you lose a player. We’re guessing that the match plays out like usual, but the more you score, the more you lose and the higher chance of your opponent pegging a few back.

Is it really a BR game though?

Well, not in the traditional sense. There are only 22 players for starts, but it does sound like it will be a lot of fun. In recent FIFA’s that had been an enormous problem, the lack of fun. Ultimate Team was frustrating, Career Mode wasn’t Football Manager, and kick-off was only good after a few beers with mates. However, the survival mode should bring a breath of fresh air and hopefully will include online play as well.

Could there be a competitive scene though?

I know everyone wants to be a pro-gamer, but it looks like this will just be about having a good time. With that being said, that was the original idea behind Fortnite and look where that game is now.

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