Is the Fortnite MP5 OP? Well, let’s find out!

A new submachine gun is coming to Fortnite that could change the meta again.

SMG’s have had a significant renaissance in recent weeks thanks to buffs that improved accuracy and damage. In fact, many players had been picking them over an assault rifle simply because they have had enough of weapon bloom.

While they have slightly been nerfed, they are still very powerful and have helped promote different play styles.

If you think that there was an older SMG, you would be correct, with the original one vaulted way back in season two only because it wasn’t being used. However, this one is entirely different and will certainly be used.


So, where does the new SMG fit in? Well, it is pretty lethal and totally shreds through enemies like they were tissue paper. It looks like it might be able to go toe to toe with a shotgun, even on a decent player.

How much damage does it do?

The common (white) one does 19 damage – which is better than an epic tactical SMG, while also firing much faster. As for the rare (blue) SMG, it does a whopping 21 damage, meaning it can take you down from full health and shields to zero in around 10 shots.

How fast does it fire?

It is the joint-fastest firing weapon in the game at 13 rounds per second, so if you hit all 13 rounds, you will kill someone. It also does 273 DPS which is almost four times higher than a legendary heavy shotgun.

The Verdict

Is the Fortnite Mp5 OP? I wouldn’t say so, but they can indeed carry their own in a battle with someone using a shotgun.

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