Zeus and Thorin drama is just what we needed after ESL Cologne…

Drama alert, Danylo ‘Zeus’ Teslenko has hit back at Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields after he made some pretty poor comments about him on Twitter.

Zeus has always been in for criticism throughout his Counter-Strike career; many believing that he just isn’t good enough to compete. This is despite the fact he has been playing at a pro level since 2002, winning as many as 45 major tournaments.

Throwing Shade

He might not be up there with the likes of S1mple or Stewkie2K, but his role as an in-game leader is one of the most important in esports. He is easily one of the best – probably falling just short of FalleN, who is arguably a much better player.

Zeus did just win his third major of 2018, with Na’Vi comfortably securing first place at ESL Cologne this weekend. Despite the performance, ‘esports historian’ and writer, Duncan ‘Thorin’ Shields took to Twitter to claim Zeus was ‘bot’ levels of bad.

As you can imagine, Zeus was NOT happy with this and put Thorin in his place, with a lot of support from his fans.

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