The NerdOut Fortnite tournament rules are so good.

After the total mess that was the Epic Games organised Fortnite Summer Skirmish last week, NerdOut are really showing them up here.

The Nerdout Fortnite tournaments have been a lot of fun to watch, and some would argue more entertaining than any other Fortnite competition. This week they are back, and they have an ingenious way to keep track of leaderboards; helping to promote more aggressive and entertaining action from the participants.

This was a massive problem in the Summer Skirmish event, with teams sitting in corners and buildings. It’s understandable considering the high stakes, and how bad the lag was.

Thankfully, the Nerdout Fortnite tournament looks like it will be what you need to watch this weekend. They’ve recently revealed all the rules and info on Twitter.

NerdOut’s Fortnite rules

While they did state that there would be no need for a delay, they quickly changed that to a necessary one minute delay to help combat stream sniping from both players and fans.

Even more interesting is how they are doing the leaderboards, with a kill now getting you 1 point and a win 10 points.

The 20 teams with the lowest points after an hour are eliminated until only 20 teams are remaining. Then every 10 minutes a team with the lowest points is also eliminated until there is just one left.

This event is all set around Twitch Affiliates, so you will need to be one to enter. Winners will be given access to the NerdOut £20,000 Fortnite tournament next week.

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