Do you think there should be changes to Fortnite shooting mechanics?

The shooting mechanics in Fortnite have always been a big talking point. I’ve encountered many players thinking that while the building aspect is ideal, the gunplay has some serious improving to do.

Epic Games made changes in 2017 – introducing the first-shot accuracy mechanic, but that has also become controversial among some players.

One of the most significant problems in Fortnite is the semi-random feeling when shooting. Sometimes you are pinpoint accurate, and other times it feels like your bullets end up going nowhere.

The primary cause of this has been ‘bloom’; the deviation your bullets will travel within a crosshair circle, as you fire. You can look at your crosshairs and see this when shooting an assault rifle; shots will stray the more you continuously fire. To combat this, you can either slow down your fire rate or just use an SMG.


Streamer Logic

However, streamer and pro Fortnite player, Myth, has weighed in with some fascinating suggestions. During last night’s stream, the TSM captain revealed his ideas.

So aimed in, you have set for First Shot Accuracy, then you have set bloom size for being just aimed in.”

And no matter how fast you’re moving, no matter how fast you’re shooting, it will stay at that bloom size. Then you have your hip-fire one, and no matter how fast you’re running, whether you’re jumping or not, it will always stay at that size.

Like this one, right now when you shoot, the faster you shoot, the more inaccuracy you get. But instead of doing inaccuracy, why not just cap the amount of inaccuracy can have with a type of weapon, or just let them know this is what they’re going to get into, so it puts hard caps on engagement distances basically.”

Interestingly, what Myth is suggesting is very similar to what Epic Games did earlier this year; introducing a test server to try out some new shooting mechanics. These replaced bloom with a more recoil based system; allowing players to manage it correctly by knowing at what distance they should and shouldn’t engage – because the recoil would get too much.

It will be interesting to see if Epic takes this on board and implement another shooting test server to try out new mechanics.

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