Is this the best mobile Fortnite player?

Many believe that playing Fortnite on anything other than a PC is a bit of a mistake. In fact, after iDrop_DodieZ won the second Summer Skirmish while on PS4, everyone went on to accuse him of cheating.

The ‘master race consensus’ is that PC players are better at building and anyone on console is a complete scrub. Xbox and PS4 are pretty even and below that is Nintendo Switch.

However, the bottom of the barrel is absolutely mobile. Who on earth would want to play a Battle Royale game on a mobile phone? I have tried it, and it was awful – almost felt like a bot it was that bad. You probably think that there is no way a mobile player could build 10% as good as a console player, let alone a PC player.

Mobile Madness

Have you guys ever wondered what mobile players were capable of? Credit: AdamXLengend from FortNiteBR

Well, let us introduce AdamXLengend, potentially the best Fortnite mobile player we can find.

This clip found its way on to Reddit and become one of the most upvoted posts in the Fortnite BR subreddit. While he is playing in the Playground mode, he and his mate crush this build battle, with some editing that makes me and my current abilities a little embarrassed. AdamXLengend pulls off an incredible kill to finish off the battle and prove that not all mobile players are total bots.

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