Bdosin Fusion trash-talk is pretty amazing!

London Spitfire’s Choi ‘Bdosin’ Seung-tae has continued his trash-talking at the hands of Philadelphia Fusion.

The Overwatch League final was set to be one of the most significant events in esports history, with two great sides involved. And while the event itself was fantastic, the actual gameplay was ultimately a little one-sided; London destroyed Philadelphia.

In fact, they lost just one map to the Fusion, and if that wasn’t bad enough, Bdosin stuck the knife in a bit more.

Brutal Criticism

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Bdosin did poke fun at Fusion:

I didn’t think it would be this easy. I hope next year we play against a stronger team.”

Watching Fusion play against New York, we thought if they came to the finals with what they had there we’d be able to defeat them handily.”

Ouch! This isn’t the first time that the Support player has taken a dig, and in fact is very partial to some trash-talking. While some may see that as bad sportsmanship, Bdosin reckons it is part and parcel of the territory and really loves trash-talking.

I like trash talking bad players. There’s a reason behind it. It’s because everyone gets criticised when they play bad, including myself. I feel like that’s semi-warranted, and it’s entertaining to do.”

Like it many sports, getting inside your opponents head is something that can give you an advantage. While it looks like London Spitfire don’t need any mind-game advantages, we’ll still see Bdosin doing it in Season 2.

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