Poor ‘Epic Loot Games’ – Fortnite confusion is not good for their phone lines.

First, a little story. A few years ago, before Twitter endorsed authentic accounts, people on the site were being confused for celebrities. There was a chap called ‘RVP’ who was mistaken for the former Arsenal and Manchester United footballer, Robin Van Persie. As you can imagine, he just got shed-loads of abuse from just about everyone, despite the fact he wasn’t the footballer, just a regular social media user.

So why is a video game website talking about this? Well, a little video game and comic book shop are now being caught up in the most popular game in the world. Yes, it is another Fortnite story, but this one is very funny as far as mix-ups go. This little shop in Dayton Ohio is aptly named Epic Loot Games – and funnily enough, hasn’t Tweeted since 2016.

Incredibly, despite clearly not being affiliated with Epic Games or Fortnite, the company are getting lots of hate messages, both online and via phone calls. In an interview with Kotaku, Epic Loot Games owner, Hunter Davies, revealed what has been happening to him and lovely shop.


A kid between nine and 16 screamed expletives at me,” Davies told Kotaku – “‘Fix your f**king game, fix your servers.’ Then he just hung up on me.”

So how has this happened to poor Hunter and his store? Well, it has to do with some rather unfortunate googling. If you do search for the Epic Games number, you will find Epic Loot Games on the first page. Kids can be pretty uninformed too, so they must have thought it was the actual Epic Games – of Fortnite and Gears of War fame.

Davies also revealed to Kotaku that while he is used to getting abuse, he also had to help a young lad who had some serious anger issues.

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“A really upset kid called because he said his mum is taking him to counselling because of his anger issues,” said Davies.

He was throwing controllers, cussing people out in the game. I think he got banned. He wanted us to make up for the fact he had to go to a counsellor.”

“I tried to genuinely make him understand we weren’t affiliated, but he either didn’t care or was convinced we were the support team, we were brushing him off, and we didn’t want to help him.”

We can only imagine that as the game grows in popularity, poor old Epic Loot Games will be getting some serious phone calls and emails. However, maybe they should get back on Twitter and do some marketing for free.

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