Fortnite Drum Gun release looks imminent and we cannot wait!

According to sources across social media, we will be getting another new weapon shortly. While we are all just getting over the excitement of duel pistols being included, the introduction of a Tommy gun!

Twitter user TwoEpicBuddies – a reliable source for Fortnite leaks – revealed the ‘Drum Gun’ would be coming in the next few weeks. These guys have data-mined other items and events, the rocket launch that could destroy the map in Season 5.

What do we know about the weapon?

As for the Drum Gun, we don’t know too much about it. However, TwoEpicBuddies believe it will be an assault rifle that comes in green and blue variety.

What can we speculate?

There are already six assault rifles (7 if we include the LMG) and we have three weapons that come in a blue variety; with them all having their unique attributes. We are going to predict that the Drum Gun’s niche will be that it fires quickly, does less damage, and range and will have a single mag of 50 rounds.

Release Date?

Well, it won’t be released this week as the dual pistols coming out this week. We could potentially see it next week, or Epic Games may decide to save it for the start of Season 5. That would make sense as it would fit in with some skins that have been leaked.

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